Graphic Novels

Altered Ego
In one world Mark is a caffeine-addicted short-order cook desperate to become a professional cartoonist, in another he is the defender of the Dreaming at war with a darkness that threatens to overtake the Imaginary.
Chaos Grimm When a young girl runs away and joins the circus she finds herself falling for a homicidal clown and discovers far more than a simple sanctuary for freaks and oddities.
I <3 Robots
When bored and brilliant Cassie Watson found herself wanting a boyfriend she did what any person with an IQ of 196 would do ... she built one. What she didn't expect was to be pursued around the word battling government agencies, evil corporations and mysterious assassins in her pursuit of true love.
The Amazing Night Wolf Morgan Stone, a rebellious young college student more interested in helping a discredited professor with his bizarre experiments than attending class, finds himself developing strange abilities and branded both outlaw and hero when news of his actions become public.
Shade of Grey
Life doesn't get any easier just because you're dead, as the man called Grey knows all too well. Pulled into a love triangle between the ghost of a former movie starlet and a demon seeking redemption, Grey must battle Tarsis, the lord of the underworld, to give the demon Rupert and old flame, Gloria, their chance at eternal happiness.